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Who we are and what we do

Let us ask you something! Do you hold yourselves to the standards of professional bettors? If your answer is yes and you still do not have a VIP-IBC betting account, then we strongly recommend that you reconsider your options and take the appropriate action! Why? Because we listened to your needs and we designed a software platform that takes out ALL of your worries about the hardships of the online gambling industry!

The premise of what we do is equally plain and simple. We bring you the things that you need:


Great Profit
The chance for great profit


Your part on the equation between what we bring you and your success in the betting world is also very simple:

Use them or lose them! It’s up to you!

Let’s make it short! - All VIP clients get:

  • The highest betting limits
  • An ever growing choice of bookmakers
  • A wide range of betting markets
  • The best odds at any given time
  • Minimum stake lower than 1 EUR

  • Multiple currencies
  • A friendly interface that's easy to use
  • A betting experience that can be customized
  • 24/7 support by our Customer Support Team
Make the right choice & take advantage of the best betting brands worldwide.

A 3-link chain that brings you success!

The endgame result is the following equation:

Key bookmakers + software for convenience and speed = chance for great profit

Good equation right? Are you satisfied with the outcome? Don’t answer that yet! Let’s check the “baggage” that comes with this equation:

  1. Higher stakes than usual
    Having many bookmakers means having many punters. Many punters mean more bets. More bets mean higher odds. Higher odds require higher liquidity. And that allows for higher stakes.
  2. The best odds at all times
    Having all the odds in one place means that at the time you place your bets you are always able to spot the best one.
  3. An ever evolving service
    We respect ourselves and our brand name. We cannot allow ourselves to remain stagnant. So we are always looking for ways to bring an even better betting world to you.

Don't just win! Make the most out of it!

Configure the account settings as you wish:

  • display the type of bets by sport
  • configure the betslip the way you want
  • give priority to your favorite bookmaker to get their odds first
  • browse through a multitude of other settings and make the selections you want

Everyone says that if you do your homework, you can win big when betting. Correct but a very simplistic way of putting it. The point we want to make is that you do not just win big. Through our platform you can make the most out of the betting world. Let’s see how:

Wager x Best Odds x Many Bookmakers
is always greater than
Wager x Doubtful Odds x One Bookmaker

You don’t waste time browsing, you get higher stakes, you get the best odds, you get the maximum chance for profits.

Do you seriously want to lose that edge?


The key to our successful platform!

Who benefits greatly by using our VIP service:

Let’s put this in terms easily understood: EVERYONE!

However, there are those who will find that what we offer does bring them a solid set of benefits:

  • The professional bettors who will stop worrying about blocked or restricted accounts
  • The arbers who will, at last, find a welcoming environment
  • The high rollers who will, at last, be able to lay in the stakes they want
  • The winners who will stop being afraid of being kicked out
  • The betting syndicates and bookies that want to hedge some of their bets

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