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Account Management

All the details to set up your account the way you want to

Welcome to the Account Management Video Guides Page!

Settings Menu 3: The Account Settings

Your account is YOUR account. Your username, your password, your timezone, the currency you use. While some of this information cannot be changed, in this betting tutorial video you will learn how to perform one of the most important functions for every account: change your password. It is the one thing that you must ALWAYS keep in mind because it has to do with the safety of your account, your information and of course, your money.

Viewing your placed orders

If you watched our free tutorial video on the bet slip you may remember that the last action is to press the Place Order button. Each time you press it, you give an order to the system. In this video we show you how to review all the orders you have given regardless of their outcome or if they have been completed or not. You will also be able to cancel an order if you so wish.

Listing your placed bets

On the previous video we discussed about the orders you have placed. On this one we will narrow down the display to the bets that were actually placed and we will also talk about the various filters that you can use to modify the listing to include all the information that you find necessary.


Betting is about your money. And everyone wants to have a full accounting of what happened to their money. This is the video where you will learn how to browse through the various displays and where to find the information that will show you the precise course of the funds of your account from a general summary to a detailed report for every single bet.

VIP-IBC is the platform where you will be able to place your wager simultaneously at multiple available bookmakers.