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How VIP-IBC works

While some of you may be experienced players that can recognize the functionality of the best betting software around, some others may be new to this world. This is the first of our free betting tutorial videos that will guide you through the ins and outs of what our platform has to offer. This first video will give you an initial walk through of the displays and the workings of VIP-IBC. We strongly recommend that you watch it and familiarize yourself with the screens you will be using in the future.

Selecting Sports & Leagues

In order to place a bet successfully, you have to take things one step at a time. On this free video we show you the first things that you will be doing when you are using our platform. There can be no bet placement without selecting first a sport and then a league.

This tutorial will show you how to navigate through the displays to select both of the above before proceeding to the other steps described in our other free tutorials.

Turning settings on and off

One of the points of our platform is comfort. We designed this betting software to provide you with comfort. This was our part of the deal. However, we cannot know what really suites you best so your part of the bargain is to learn how to turn the options we have provided for you on and off in order to achieve the level of comfort that will really enhance your betting experience to the maximum.

The Quick Settings Menu

It could be said that the previous free tutorial video provides insights on a first level of configuring the displays the way you want. Extending your configuration possibilities there is a second level to explore.

This is what this video is all about. Show you how to use the Quick Settings Menu to change your displays quickly and efficiently.

Settings Menu 1: The Trade Settings

The Settings Menu is a third level of options that you have at your disposal for bringing the platform to exactly what you like. It is an extensive set of configuration possibilities that will require the following three free betting tutorial videos to present. On this first video we will discuss about how you can configure the Trade Settings which refer to configuring the Sports, the Bet Slip, the Stakes, the Sounds and the behavior of the software when it comes to placing multiple bets at multiple bookmakers simultaneously.

Settings Menu 2: The Bookie Accounts

The whole point of these free tutorials is to get you acquainted with the prospect of placing bets at many places at the same time. To be able to do that there must be a set of bookmakers and a set of accounts that you can use. Here we discuss about how to access those accounts and use them as you wish. It is also the place where you can see if there is a temporary problem with contacting a bookmaker and set limits to the amounts you will be using as stakes per bookmaker.

The Bet Slip

There can be no betting without a bet slip. It’s the means by which you make your choices known to the system and it is the means by which you get recognized by the system and given unique identification numbers to use to track down your bets and resolve any issues that may arise. This is the tutorial video where you get acquainted with VIP-IBC’s bet slip and its functionalities.

How to place your first bet

No betting software that respects itself will not show you a complete step by step guide on how to place your first simple bet. VIP-IBC is no different and here is where we present to you not only how easy it is, but also how fast. This is where we justify our claim that our platform allows you to place your bets to many places at the same time. It is also where we give you the opportunity to change some of your initial options and configure each bet separately.

Settings Menu 3: The Account Settings

Your account is YOUR account. Your username, your password, your timezone, the currency you use. While some of this information cannot be changed, in this betting tutorial video you will learn how to perform one of the most important functions for every account: change your password. It is the one thing that you must ALWAYS keep in mind because it has to do with the safety of your account, your information and of course, your money.

Viewing your placed orders

If you watched our free tutorial video on the bet slip you may remember that the last action is to press the Place Order button. Each time you press it, you give an order to the system. In this video we show you how to review all the orders you have given regardless of their outcome or if they have been completed or not. You will also be able to cancel an order if you so wish.

Listing your placed bets

On the previous video we discussed about the orders you have placed. On this one we will narrow down the display to the bets that were actually placed and we will also talk about the various filters that you can use to modify the listing to include all the information that you find necessary.


Betting is about your money. And everyone wants to have a full accounting of what happened to their money. This is the video where you will learn how to browse through the various displays and where to find the information that will show you the precise course of the funds of your account from a general summary to a detailed report for every single bet.

Advanced Tips 1: The Price History

One of VIP-IBC’s mantras is the promise for great profits. While many of you may think that luck may have something to do with that, it is a fact that successful betting requires the proper information. The best betting software could not disregard that, so in this tutorial video we will discuss how to find some of this information by accessing the price history diagram for each offer you get.

In depth analysis of information

This is the age of information. And you need all the information you can get. Let’s go deeper in what our platform has to offer you and discuss some of the hidden information you can find in reference to each and every bet you placed. Analyzing this information will make you a better punter.

Using the VIP-IBC platform is so easy! Our tutorials show you everything you need to know! Any last doubts you may have had about opening an account should be alleviated by now.