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21 Jun 2018

VIP-IBC is changing its design

Our VIP-IBC platform has been around for quite a while now and it has proven its value for all customers that opened an account. We are very proud of our custom design betting software and we would be inexcusable if we did not take every step known to keep it up to date with the newest developments in technology and to provide you with every available resource to make your life easier and your betting experience more enjoyable.

Evolution is the key to remain a leader of the industry for every brand name. We have been there and we want to stay there. Under this premise, we have upgraded everything. New site, new looks, new content, new everything. Let’s bring you up to date, shall we?

The old:VIP-IBC old
is now becoming the new and improved:VIP new ENG

It’s faster, it’s loaded with all the information you ever wanted and it is completely refitted to work in all sorts of smartphones, tablets and every device capable of connecting to the internet. It’s easier than ever, more dependable than ever and it will take out even the last shred of doubt that you may have had about online betting.

And those are just the appetizers. There’s plenty more inside and it is something that words cannot actually fully describe. It is far better for you to venture into it, see what’s new, get a feel of what we bring you and reconsider your options about seriously getting into the world the professionals prefer.

Our new site is up and running and waiting for you to take advantage of the endless opportunities and possibilities we offer. It's the best betting software in the business and we invite you to take the step into the future and complete the registration form, open an account and enjoy yourselves immensely!

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