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07 Oct 2019

UEFA Champions League Group(s) of Death

In sports, usually in a multi-stage tournament, a group with players who are almost equal in form, statistics, desire, etc…, is called a “Group of Death”. This group may comprise all favourites or all underdogs. The important thing here is that all teams/players are so close in shape that it is really hard to predict who will qualify for the next phase or eliminated from the group. Since it is hard to guess what will be the outcome, most people’s eyes focus on these groups. We also wanted to look at the groups in the Champions League and find the one that would suit this category the best. If you also don’t want to miss out the chance to bet on Champions League games sign up for the best betting software now!

The best candidates for this category might be the last 3 groups of Champions League series – Group F, Group G, and Group H.


Group F

Group F is considered by many as the Group of Death since it consists of 3 powerhouses: Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, and Inter Milan. But neither Dortmund nor Barcelona are doing well in their national league. Not so bad maybe, but they are not the bests definitely. Inter Milan is currently leading in Serie A. Last team in this group is Czech Slavia Prague. Their team might not make a name for themselves like the others, but they are currently in the first place in their league. All of the first matches of these teams ended in a draw.

Group G

This group consists of RB Leipzig, Zenit, Lyon, and Benfica. RB Leipzig is currently in the second place in their national league and defeated another second placed team – Benfica, in the first match in this group. Zenit and Lyon also had a draw. These teams give an average feeling compared to others and don’t really look like who will win the next game. 

Group H

In this group there is the last year’s semi-finalist Ajax, 2018 Europa League winner Chelsea, 2018 Europa League semi-finalist Valencia, and lastly the French team Lille. They are the teams that made a name for themselves. They are moving good in their national leagues also. Ajax defeated Lille in their first game and Valencia defeated Chelsea. They are coming from very competitive leagues so they have the power to resist. There is no way to know who will be the qualifier from this group. 


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