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14 Sep 2020

The Loudest Football Stadiums in the World

These days when most of the sporting events take place behind closed doors, we understand better the impact of the passionate fans chanting and jumping in the stadiums. Fans are often described as the 12th man of the football teams as their supports is irreplaceable. This is the case for any football team around the world. However, for some teams, fans are even more important than the players kicking the football in the pitch are.

The hostile and intimidating atmosphere in the stadium combined with the boisterous noise can propel any team to victory. In this article, we will take a look at the 5 loudest stadiums in the world. Before we start, let us remind you once again to sign up for the best betting software as most of the major leagues return to action this week. Do not waste time and place your bets with the highest odds on the market!

5. Rajko Mitić Stadium, Red Star

Also known as Red Star Stadium or Marakana, this avenue is notorious for the hostile environment that even the best football teams in the world are afraid of. Red Star, arguably the most successful football club in Serbia, have one of the most passionate fans in the world. That is one of the reasons why they hold the record for the most national championships won (31) in Serbia.

Originally opened in 1963, Rajko Mitić Stadium was renovated in 2008. It had a capacity of nearly 110k until 1993 but it was re-adjusted to 55,538 for security reasons. Considered to be one of the loudest football stadiums in the world, Red Star’s stadium definitely deserves a spot on this list.

4. Anfield, Liverpool

It would be a crime to exclude Anfield when counting down the loudest stadiums in the world. Liverpool are known to have one of the most fanatic fans in the world. Only the Kop stand makes such a loud noise that this stadium deserves a spot in this list.

With fans chanting the famous “You’ll Never Walk Alone” song, Liverpool hold the record for the loudest home support in Premier League. According to a survey carried out by Fan Chants, the decibel level in the stadium went up to 97.

3. Westfalenstadion, Borussia Dortmund

If you are already betting on Bundesliga via the best betting agent, you must be familiar with the South Bank stand a.k.a. the Yellow Wall. Only this stand has a capacity of 24,454 fans. Officially called as Signal Iduna Park, Borussia Dortmund’s stadium reaches its full capacity even in the DFB Pokal games.

The club holds the record for the highest average of fans attended despite ranking the third for the highest capacity behind Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. No wonder why this stadium is regarded as one of the loudest ones in Europe.

2. Vodafone Park, Beşiktaş

The home ground of the Turkish giant Beşiktaş used to be known as İnönü Stadium. The stadium was renovated in 2016 increasing its capacity to 41,188. Although the capacity is still very small compared to other stadiums in this list, fans of the “Black Eagles” make up for this disadvantage with their ferociously loud support.

When you think about Vodafone Park, the famous match when Beşiktaş hosted Liverpool at home comes to mind. If we may say so, they showed Liverpool fans who are the best in the business.

1. Türk Telekom Arena, Galatasaray

Galatasaray, arguably the most successful football club in Turkey, are known to have one of the best fan supports in the world. The reason why they rank first in this list is not that they officially hold the record for the loudest decibel recorded ever in a stadium according to Guinness World Records (131.76 decibels). If you have heard about the comments made by some of the players playing at the biggest European clubs, you will notice how they were astonished but at the same time frightened by Cimbom fans.

We have listed the loudest football stadium in the world. If you are interested in such articles, make sure to follow the best sports news via VIP-IBC. We have a team of experienced writers whose only goal is to deliver you the latest updates.

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