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20 Jul 2019

The 10 cent Beer Night disaster

The Cleveland Indians where not going very well back in June of 1974, in fact, they were terrible, and only brought in a few thousand fans per game, so, when came the time to host the Texas Rangers, the management decided to sell 10-ounce cups of beer for only 10 cents each, in an effort to gather the support of their disappointed fans, and it worked! It worked too well…

More than 25,000 fans showed up to the Ten Cent Beer Night, 25 thousand drunk and angry people. And there were 50 security guards for 25,000 people, there was no hope to contain all that chaos! You see, earlier in that season, when the Indians where in the road playing against the Rangers in Texas the teams got into a brawl, a real brawl; someone slid too fast on second base, there were ball throw at people's heads, with lead to punches, and rangers fans throwing food at the Indians’ players, so there was already plenty of bad blood between the 2 teams; and so, when they were due to receive the Texas Rangers at their home stadium, their fans were fired up for the occasion, which already is a recipe for trouble. Add to that all the alcohol and, well, nothing good happens.

Among the tamer incidents was a woman who flashed the crowd, a father-son team mooning the players, and fans jumping into the field to meet the outfielders. Then, in the bottom of the ninth, the Indians tied the game, but they never got a chance to win. Fans started throwing batteries, golf balls, cups, rocks, and even shooting fireworks onto the field. The drunk-fest involved more strikers, base stealers (literally, the fans stole the bases and took then home!), and fans who stormed the field to attack the opposing team, the Cleveland players had to wield bats to come to the aid of the Rangers players, fighting against their own fans, and SWAT had to come in with tear gas to clear up that mess. That was not a good night for the world of baseball. The American League president forced the franchise to abandon the promotion idea and added this great understatement: “There was no question that beer played a great part in the affair.”

In the end, Texas was awarded a forfeit, more than 60 thousand beers were consumed, 19 strikers, 7 people sent to the emergency room, and only 9 arrests, and to this day, those stolen bases the fans just decided to take home have never been returned. That wasn’t clearly a good episode to bet on, but now you can support the MLB as it fullest, you just need to sign up for the best betting software, VIP-IBC, and get the best odds and the highest limits for all the games on the Major League Baseball and much more!

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