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12 May 2020

RunAway plans to have a spot in LCK

RunAway, one of the most famous Overwatch teams in South Korea, is making plans to enter League of Legends Champions Korea. The eSports organization is considered to be one of the most successful Overwatch teams in Korea. Their next move is to overhaul League of Legends scene as well. The organization is currently making preparations to apply for a franchise spot in League of Legends Champions Korea league for 2021. If you are looking for a place to wager on LCK, register for the best betting software and get the highest odds for LoL.

RunAway’s History with League of Legends

This will not be their first trial to enter LoL eSports scene though. Their first competitive attempt happened in 2019 when they took their chances in Challengers Korea. They had familiar faces in their roster such as Shin “Seraph” Woo-yeong and Kim “Crush” Jun-seo. However, after having lost to Nine Tale in the bracket finals, they were denied entry to LCK. The roster was disbanded after their failure.

Most recently, they have shaken hands with another Challengers Korea team. Earlier in April, RunAway closed a deal with Asura, who has been nothing but a disappointment in the last split. They have finished the CK summer split with a 3-11 record. Nonetheless, RunAway saw potential in this team and they took over Asura’s management. Knowing how poorly the current roster performed the last time, major changes are expected by RunAway.

We will see Asura (now RunAway) in the CK 2020 Summer Promotion tournament. Their opponents will be Jin Air Green Wings and two other teams that will be determined after the CK 2020 Summer Promotion Qualifiers end. After acquiring Asura, RunAway’s challenge will be trying their best to keep this team from relegating. If you want to always be updated about the latest news in eSports make sure to check out our latest news page.

RunAway and LCK’s Franchise Model

RunAway’s decision to enter LCK came after Riot Korea announced the plan to move to a franchise system. Last month, LCK’s plan to franchise the league in 2021 has been revealed. They have decided the follow the footsteps of LEC, LCS, LPL, and TCL. Transitioning to a franchise model is based on several reasons. LCK is planning to strengthen the competency of the league by alluring the investors. Through a revenue-sharing system, each team will have the opportunity to build stronger rosters. Also, the new system will help teams form a long-term relationship in the league.  According to the announcement, teams will have to submit their application to have a franchise spot in LCK before June 19. Applications will be reviewed by Riot Korea and the result will be announced by late September.

Last but not least, RunAway has announced that they are eager to expand their eSports brand by closing out other deals. It is known that they are currently negotiating with several other investors. Of course, they will need as much support as they can acquire. We all know that LCK is the toughest League of Legends league in the world and the world’s best LoL players are competing in this league.

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