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07 Apr 2020

Pep Guardiola’s mother dies at 82 due to coronavirus

Coronavirus cases are still rising worldwide and so far we have seen a total of 75,000 cases worldwide. Most of the sports events have been cancelled or suspended to reduce the impact of the virus spread. Still, there are some events available on different countries that have suffered minor problems regarding this disease, as the football leagues of Nicaragua and Belarus. If you want to bet on them, register on the best betting platform, VIP-IBC.

However, COVID-19 is finding its way in the world while we try to stop it. This time, Dolors Sala, was added to the long list of victims who died after contracting coronavirus. Pep’s mom was 82 years old and she was living in Barcelona, while Manchester City’s coach was in England, with the team he is directing at the moment.

The news was informed in Manchester’s team social networks and many other people official accounts from rival teams joined them and shown their respects to Pep Guardiola. Among those teams, we found condolence’s replies from Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and even teams from countries across the continent.

The official Twitter post said “The Manchester City family are devastated to report the death today of Pep’s mother Dolors Sala Carrió in Manresa, Barcelona after contracting Corona Virus. She was 82-years-old.”

In the past weeks, Pep Guardiola has been very active regarding the virus, helping others and providing solutions to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Last month, he made a one-million-euro donation to a Spanish foundation in Barcelona, so they could buy and create medical supplies like masks and artificial respirators. It was also known that he was supporting medical staff and scientists to help them find the cure of this coronavirus.

VIP-IBC’s family joins to this duel and we also invite everyone to stay home and take care of yourself and your close family and friends. We must stay united to overcome this worldwide disease and soon enough we will be back stronger to continue enjoying the best sports events. Keep yourself updated with the best sports news on VIP-IBC, the best betting software with the highest odds and limits!

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