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28 Apr 2020

Netherland’s Eredivisie is definitely got cancelled

This week, the Netherlands government announced the sad news to all the football fans in the world, especially the Dutch ones. After the increase of infected people due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands informed that all the sports events are suspended until September 1st. Thankfully, the football lovers still have some leagues going on such as the Belarus Premier League, Nicaragua Primera Division, and Tajikistan Premier League. If you want to bet on them with the best odds and limits, register on the best betting software now!

The measure applies not only for the first league of football of the country but also for the lower divisions and any other sports. Mark Rutte said that it was a tough decision, but this is how it is. Let’s remember that most of the football leagues and many sports were suspended first in March when the coronavirus started spreading throughout the world. At first, many governments took suspensions of weeks or even a month-long, but as the virus is still on the rise, the restrictions are now longer.

So far, this is one of the strongest announcements we have seen in the world due to the COVID-19, but it is likely to happen in other countries in the next weeks as well.

The Royal Dutch Football Association response

The biggest sport organism in the country accepted the Prime Minister’s decision, but it will also consult with the UEFA to work in the international tournaments schedule or possible suspensions. Additionally, the Royal Dutch Football Association will meet with all the teams of the Eredivise league to decide what will happen with the current season. There are different scenarios such as cancelling the full league (with only 8 rounds left), declaring it completed with the current rounds, and giving the trophy to Ajax – currently in the first place – as well as the possible relegations, promotions, and international seats for the next season.

This meeting will probably be a long one as the teams had different opinions when all this situation started back in March. Most of the top teams were in favour of the cancellation of the league, while some others with lower budgets wanted to continue the season. In any case, the teams’ incomes from TV broadcasting are guaranteed for everyone.

For the moment, we will have to keep waiting to see the Eredivisie league back in action. We know that the wait has been long and aims to be extended in many countries. For this reason, we opened an eSports section in our best betting platform with multiple bookies! So register now and discover a new world of betting possibilities.

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