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14 Oct 2019

NBA Power Rankings in the Pre-Season

After Kawhi Leonard changed the faith of the NBA by defeating Golden State Warriors in last season’s finals and caused a series of trades in the off-season, we will finally have a chance to witness a challenging season. While the Western Conference still remains the toughest, the Eastern Conference has now new superstars who will definitely make things difficult for the locals. Before we list down our favorites, we advise you to have a look at the best betting software review. The best betting software VIP-IBC offers you the best odds and limits for NBA games.

The Top 5

5. Golden State Warriors

Yes, we get it. Don’t get irritated immediately. We are not some kind of Golden State Bandwagoners. We just think that it would be absurd not to put the team that defined the 2010s NBA in the list. To be honest, we are aware that they have lost maybe the world’s best basketball player. However, Kevin Durant, who suffered from achilles injury, wouldn’t be playing in the regular season anyway. Instead, they got D’Angelo Russel out of thin air. He will be a great asset for sure. If Klay Thompson can also arrive in the beginning of the playoffs, I don’t think there is any reason to underestimate this team. After all, Curry, Green, and Thompson, who were the core members of the team that won 73 games, haven’t gone anywhere.

4. Houston Rockets

Two of the most hated players in the entire league are in this team. Former teammates Westbrook and Harden are again on a course to win it all. When they were teammates at OKC, Harden had the role of a 6th man. Now, he is a ball-dominating team leader. The beard is undoubtedly one of the best isolation basketball players in the NBA. There is one problem, though. Russel Westbrook also loves to dominate the basketball. In fact, he has been accused of stat-padding and ball hogging. However, there is no question that if they can work this out, the Rockets will be a dangerous team.

3. Milwaukee Bucks

Spoiler Alert! This will be the only Eastern team on this list. Sorry, Brooklyn fans. As to the Bucks, Giannis has proved last year that he is the next one. The reigning MVP was ferocious last season. He managed to carry his team but he faced the King in the North in the play-offs. They were already the strongest team in the Western Conference last year. Although the Bucks lost Brogdon, the Greek Freak still have solid shooters around him. After a good regular season, I believe that the Bucks will take the conference title.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

It has been so long since we saw a Lakers team on this list. Los Angeles Lakers are now again a title contender. Yes, you heard it right. After a total failure last year, the King, LeBron James played the role of a General Manager and changed nearly the entire roster. First, they acquired Anthony Davis in a trade where they sent the young core to the Pelicans. They also managed to keep Kyle Kuzma. They have also added solid shooters such as Danny Green, Troy Daniels, and Quinn Cook. Furthermore, by signing DeMarcus Cousins, they gathered the old trio of New Orleans Pelicans. However, DeMarcus Cousins again suffered an ACL injury. As a result, the Lakers made their final move by adding the man they sacked years ago. Dwight Howard was given a second chance. All in all, the team looks pretty solid. In fact, at their first preseason game, they managed to beat the Warriors 123-101.

1. Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers were already a great team. Everyone, including us, doubted them in the last season. However, they proved them all wrong. Although they traded Tobias Harris in the middle of the season, they continued to play great until the Warriors eliminated them in the playoffs. In return, what did they do? They brought the man who eliminated the Warriors in the finals. Yes, Kawhi Leonard is now a Clippers. While everyone was expecting Kawhi to end up in the Lakers uniform, he chose the other team in Los Angeles. And, he brought Paul George with him. There is no doubt that this is the scariest duo we have seen in years.

All in all, we will finally have a season, the end of whose we cannot predict. There is still have time before the season starts but preseason games have already started. If you are an NBA fan and looking for a platform to place your bets, you should definitely register for the best betting software.

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