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22 Sep 2020

Messi Surpasses Ronaldo On the Top Ten Richest Footballers List

In one of our earlier articles, we talked about the highest-paid tennis player of the year. Now it is time to talk about the stars of football and their incomes.

1. Lionel Messi

Just a couple of weeks ago Lionel Messi had quite a bit of dispute about his contract with his club of seventeen years. This move might have made Barcelona potentially go for a change in the money clause. However, the Argentinian top-notcher remains the world's richest footballer to this day. Messi's total income this year is $126 million. If we look a bit deeper, $92 million of this is coming from his salary and the rest $34 million is from endorsements. Messi now is within the final year of his contract with the Catalan club. Thus, he might leave the club at no cost next summer. By staying with the Catalan club, Messi is in line for a loyalty bonus of $83 million so seemingly he might continue being at the top of the charts.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

The next person who came in second is Cristiano Ronaldo. This is not a surprise of course. Juventus forward had a $117 million of income this year which can soften the blow for him as much as his status of the most followed footballer in the world of social media. The $70 million of this is from his salary at the top Serie A team and the rest $47 million is from endorsements.

3. Neymar & 4. Kylian Mbappe

The next two footballers on the list are from the same club. Neymar and his 21-year-old teammate Kylian Mbappe playing for the 2020 UEFA Champions League runner-up Paris Saint Germain, comes in third and fourth respectively. While Neymar had a $96 million of income, Mbappe had earned $42 million this year. $78 million of the Brazilian winger’s income was from his salary and the rest was from his sponsorship agreements which worth’s 18 million. PSG forward Mbappe is the youngest footballer ever who featured on this list. If we look at his income closely, while $28 million was from his salary, the rest $14 million was from endorsements.

5. Mohamed Salah

The Premier League remains the world's richest domestic league however just three of the players of this league feature within the top ten richest footballers list. 2020 title winner Liverpool's striker Mohamed Salah is in fifth place with an income of $37 million this year. While he earned $24 million from his salary, sponsorship agreements also helped him earn $13 million.

6. Paul Pogba

The list after the top 5 is continuing with really close margins. Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba misses the chance of being in the top 5 with a narrow window. He is in sixth place with an income of $34 million, just 3 million less than Salah. The French footballer earned $28 million from his salary and $6 million from the endorsements. Pogba’s teammate David de Gea is also on the list but we’ll come back to that later.

7. Antoine Griezmann

Messi’s teammate Antoine Griezmann is in seventh place with $33 million. Barca had paid $28 million to Griezmann and only $5 million of his income was from sponsorship agreements.

8. Gareth Bale

Just after we talked about Premier League and La Liga, Gareth Bale who closed the season with La Liga title holder Real Madrid, comes in eighth place with $29 million. This is not a bad position at all if we consider him playing in only 12 matches in the last season. $23 million coming from his salary and the $6 million from the endorsements. Now for this season, Tottenham re-signed with Bale, on loan, after 7 years since he left the club. The English club will be paying $25 million to Madrid for wages and loan fees.

9. Robert Lewandowski

Did someone say the title winner? Well then it must be none other than Bayern Munich as they win both Bundesliga and Champions League titles this year and their no1 striker Robert Lewandowski is in ninth place with an income of $28 million. As “Lewangoalski” found the nets 51 times this season, his club paid him $24 million. The remaining $4 million was just from his sponsorship agreements.

10. David de Gea

Back to the Premier League, Pogba's teammate in Manchester, David de Gea is the last footballer who closes the top 10 list with an income of $27 million. The goalkeeper earned $24 million of his income from his salary playing with the Red Devils and the rest was through sponsorship agreements.

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