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01 Aug 2020

“Merengues” Came Back!

Real Madrid has reached its ultimate goal! It was worth seeing the players of Real Madrid who beat Villarreal 2-1 in their own home and was crowned the title of La Liga Cup after three years with 86 points in total. And Zidane’s confident stance was like a proof of how much he has focused on winning. On the other hand, Zidane is already used to winning trophies. In the total period that he led the team, he won 3 Champions League Cups, 2 La Liga Cups, 2 Spanish Super Cups, 2 UEFA Super Cups, and 2 Clubs World Cups. Thus, Zidane became a legend for Real Madrid with 11 trophies in total. As a general review, we can say that they got what they deserve with the great performance they showed after the pandemic break. Make sure to follow our news section to learn what’s ahead of Real Madrid now.

On the other hand, Ramos and Marcelo continue to maintain the title of being the two players that have seen the most trophies in the team. Captain Ramos, who witnessed many successes in the team, stated that Zidane turns everything he touched into gold. Making a statement also about his situation in the team, Ramos stated that he wanted to end his career in this team and that this would be a problem neither for himself nor the team management.

Although the fans could not be able to a real-time witness of this great victory, we are all sure that the passionate fans, became one soul that evening and lived every minute of this moment with the team. Zidane also pointed out that this moment is one of the happiest moments in his professional career.

If we take a look at the pre-cup team status, Real Madrid had won their last cup a year before Ronaldo left in 2017. The management invited Zidane to the team again less than a year after the evil picture and unexpected course. The fact that the team won the trophy for the second time, and especially such a success after Ronaldo's departure, changed the perception of "no Ronaldo, no title" which was in the fan's mind.

On the archrival Barcelona side, ​​this was a big disappointment. Barca, who could not be able to show the performance that they wanted after the break, recorded three draws and one defeat in the process, which is not easy to remove. Star player Messi summarized the situation and added that they did not play well enough to win the trophy and that the new champions deserve the title. Barcelona will have to handle a tough process from now on. If they want to get out of this mode and give their fans a little bit of hope again, they must be well prepared for the Champions League. For this, the team has a duration of up to a month. During this process, you also make sure to be prepared, register for the best betting software and make sure you have the best odds for Champions League matches!

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