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27 Aug 2019

Meet Armando, Champion Racer

A Belgian racer has made the news recently, his name is Armando and he is a true champion racer and athlete of renown, however, there is one curious detail about Armando that we must mention. You see, Armando is a pigeon. This little bird has been attracting attention not only due to his impressive stats and track record (no pun intended) but also by managing to make millions and even being referred to as the “Lionel Messi” of his field. You can also make a lot of money, just need to sign up for best betting software now.


Just like you have just read, Armando is a pigeon, but not one of the feral pigeons you see so often in cities all around the world roosting on roofs, cooing from wires, and making a mess of statues and cars everywhere; no, Armando is a racing pigeon. These birds are domesticated and bred for racing and are birds of a fancier feather (pun intended), and Armando made the news when one buyer shelled out $1.4 million to add the little guy to their roster of winged racers.


Belgian breeder Joël Verschoot put Armando up for sale on the pigeon auction site PIPA, where he attracted bids from countries around the world, including some from United States, South Africa and Belgium. When bidding closed his price it reached above €1.2 million (more than $1.4 million U.S. dollars). Seven of Armando’s offspring were also up for sale, and they’ll spread out across Belgium, Turkey, Germany, The Netherlands, and China. Armando himself will be heading to his new home in China, where the sport of pigeon racing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. On the mainland, where most forms of gambling are prohibited, pigeon racing gets a pass, and there are at least 100,000 pigeon breeders in Beijing alone.


From a purchaser’s perspective, Armando had several things working in his favor. Armando has already soared past the competition in various long-distance races, and delivered amazing performances in Belgium, where the competition is stiff and full of other great racers. Choosing a racing pigeon is similar to choosing a champion dog or a thoroughbred race horse. Plus, Armando is also young enough to be bred several times over the years, which makes him a great investment for the buyer due to his potential offspring alone.


While other top racing birds have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars before, Armando was the first to be sold for such a high amount, and one way or another, he marked his name in history among other great animal racers such as Seabiscuit, Man’o war, Patricia’s Hope, Mick the Miller, and many more. And as is the case with many animal racers, Armando will probably retire to a peaceful life as a breeder, working to produce the next generation of champion racers of the skies. Good job and good luck Armando! Enjoy your new life as a breeder in China, after all, if nothing else, it beats ending up on the pan. In case you are not a fan of these special events around the world, you can always count on the best betting platform to bet on the most popular sports with the best odds and higher limits!

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