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18 Apr 2020

Latest Football Transfer Rumors

As all the major football leagues have been suspended due to COVID-19, transfer rumors have started to been carried out by the football fans, newspapers, sports blogs, and social media. We would be normally talking about title races, Champions League, and EURO 2020 at this time of the year if the circumstances hadn’t occurred this way. However, all we have now is transfer tales aside from a few leagues that are still playing. Of course, you can still bet on these leagues such as Belarus – Premier League, Nicaragua – Primera Division, and Tajikistan – Premier League with the highest odds via VIP-IBC. All you need is to register for the best betting software. In this article though, we will assess the possibilities of the latest football transfer rumors circulating through the media. Let’s jump in!

Timo Werner to Liverpool

Timo Werner has been on the radar of big clubs for a few years but the 24-year-old striker has yet to leap forward. Werner has scored 27 goals in 34 appearances in all competitions this season and of course, he would have scored more goals if Bundesliga hadn’t been suspended. His next destination is often said to be the Premier League. According to sources in Germany, he is highly likely to land in Liverpool, joining Jürgen Klopp. We find this transfer rumor highly likely to happen as well because it is known that Jürgen Klopp wants him badly and Liverpool is arguably the most popular club in the world at the moment. The other possible destination for Werner is Barcelona but the Catalans are at the moment having an economic crisis and they are not expected to sign in any superstars any soon.

Sadio Mane to Real Madrid

Of course, if Timo Werner’s transfer to Liverpool turns out to be true, the offensive end of the Reds will be stacked. That might result in sending some players away. Sadio Mane, who has had an amazing year as well, is not on the transfer list as he is a great asset to this team. After all, the deadly one-two punch of Mane and Salah won the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final. So, there is no reason to dismantle what has been running like clockwork. However, if the world’s biggest football club set eyes on your superstar, you should know that your superstar is not going to stay with you forever. Lately, Real Madrid have been rumored to have plans regarding Senegalese forward. We think that this transfer can only happen if Liverpool manages to replace him with another superstar, possibly Timo Werner.

Martinez to Manchester City/Barcelona

Lautaro Martinez is yet another young superstars who make the big clubs’ hearts pounding. He is only 22 years old and has a long career ahead of him. It doesn’t require much of fortune-telling skills to claim that he will not stay in Italy forever. His next destination will be probably Premier League or La Liga. The most likely landing spot for Martinez is Manchester City in our opinion as it is known by everyone that City are making plans to sign someone who will replace Agüero in the long run. However, we believe that this transfer might not happen in the near future because Agüero has still a lot left in the tank and having 3 high-caliber forward players including Gabriel Jesus and Martinez is not the most logical thing to do. Another possible scenario ends in Barcelona.  Griezmann appeared to be not a great fit for the Barça and it is known that Messi and he are far away from being the best friends. A possible transfer package sending Griezmann to Inter and Martin to Barcelona has been brought up by a few sources. We believe that Barcelona have the upper-hand to bring Martinez in.


Transfer rumors will spread a lot faster considering that there are no news regarding when the major football leagues will continue. So make sure to check out the best sports news via VIP-IBC from time to time and learn if your favorite team has a surprise for you!

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