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07 Oct 2020

Gustaf Håkansson – the 'steel grandpa'!

Some people hate being told what to do, and they hate even more being told what not to do! Today you will learn how an old man showed a whole country that he would not let himself be limited. And speaking of limits, if you want to get access to the best limits and odds in the market, you should open an account at the best betting software right now!



When someone tells us we can't do something it is human nature to try and do it anyway, out of spite if nothing else, and when someone told old grandpa Gustaf Håkansson, aged 62, that he couldn't compete in the 1,760-kilometer stage race from Haparanda on Sweden’s northern border to Ystad in the south due to the terrible sin of being “too old”, that’s exactly what he did.


Uncaring about the opinions of others, grandpa Gustaf pinned a big number zero to his chest, his trusty old bike (the other competitors were given brand new ones), and showed up for the race anyways. He started the race one minute (or one hour depending on who is telling the story) after the official start.


The technique grandpa Gustaf used to get an edge in the competition was quite something, he didn’t sleep!  At the end of the day, when the young bikers stopped to eat and sleep, Håkansson kept going on. He rode for 22 hours that day. It almost looked like the old man didn't need to sleep, he was not particularly fast, but he was consistent. After three days, he was about 120 miles ahead and the newspapers were full of stories about Stålfarfar, the “Grandpa of Steel”.


And the stell grandpa went on to win the race; the stell grandpa reached Ystad 6 days, 14 hours, and 20 minutes after the start of the race, having slept only around 10 hours during that time and crossing the finish line on a flat tire and over 24 hours ahead of the other racers. Gustaf continued riding until the age of 100 when he set another record, only this time it was an LP of religious and folk songs that made him the oldest recording artist ever!


There are many more great histories just like this one in the world of sports, and if you want to always be well informed about the world of sports, make sure to stay tuned to our latest news at the best betting software!

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