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21 Aug 2020

Firework Boxing! An Explosive Fight From the 1930s!

Do you think boxing is a violent sport? Well, what if we added an extra element to make things a little bit spicier...

If you ever wondered how boxing could be connected to a firework show, you will learn the answer today here at VIP-IBC. Get ready to be amazed at the things old-time people were capable of doing in a time when concepts like “Work safety” and “human rights” were novelty notions at best.

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Firework boxing may sound like the most American thing ever, but we have the British to thank for this one. The year was 1937, in the city of London, and someone tough it would be a bright idea to have two poor souls,  two crazy boxers, dressed in metallic structures (as pictured above), which we imagine were made mostly of asbestos and faith in God, with fireworks attached to their bodies that would be fired during combat, giving an extra humph to the old one-two.

According to the organizers of this exhibition match, which could only have been either firework industry moguls, and/or just plain sadists, this was done so that the public could be enchanted by the bright lights and sparks as these two poor sods beat each other up. To ensure that, the fight was held at night,  making the situation of the athletes even more difficult, because, of course, beating each other with lit explosives attached to their bodies was not hard enough.

For whatever it counts, both men were equipped with fireproof clothing, which gave them a little more security, or at least as much as you could get as a fighter desperate enough to do this in London, in the ’30s. Really, sometimes it is a wonder that humanity managed to last for so long as a species.

This was a crazy ride, and if you want to learn even more crazy and amazing facts about the history of the world of sports,  make sure to stay tuned to our latest news at the best betting software!

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