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01 Sep 2019

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019: facts and latest news

On August 31st, the 18th edition of the men’s basketball tournament will begin and it will be hosted in China. The first curious fact of this year tournament is that it was rescheduled from 2018 to 2019. Second hard fact is that it will be expanded from 24 teams to 32, being the biggest FIBA event so far.

This is the first time that the tournament will be held in China and it will count on 8 venues for the matches in the three stages (Beijing, Foshan, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Shanghai and Guangzhou). Also, this is the first time for Czech Republic and Montenegro to participate after they split from Czechoslovakia and Serbia and Montenegro respectively. There will be a total of 92 games from August 31st to September 15th and you can bet on those matches by registering at the best betting software, VIP-IBC.

FIBA World Cup 2019: teams and groups

The 32 participants for this edition are divided into eight groups of four teams and each team will face the other three once. The groups are distributed as follows:

  • Group A: Poland, Cote d’Ivoire, Venezuela, China;
  • Group B: Russia, Argentina, Korea, Nigeria;
  • Group C: Spain, Iran, Puerto Rico, Tunisia;
  • Group D: Angola, Philippines, Italy, Serbia;
  • Group E: Turkey, Czech Republic, USA, Japan;
  • Group F: Greece, New Zealand, Brazil, Montenegro;
  • Group G: Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Jordan;
  • Group H: Canada, Senegal, Lithuania, Australia.

The first round will be on Saturday August 31st; it will start with Angola vs Serbia, closing on September 5th with Dominican Republic vs France, we will have 8 games per day. The second round will be from September 6th to 9th having also 8 matches per day. Quarter-finals will be on September 10th and 11th, semifinals on September 12th and the final on September 15th.

Latest news and forecast for FIBA World Cup 2019

As the best teams in the world will converge in China, knowing which one will be the winner is no easy tasks. However, the USA national team is already the favorite since they have won the last two times. European teams have also dominated the competition over the years so we can also expect good performances from Spain and Serbia, so as from Canadian team.

For the fans and viewers all over the world, this year’s tournament will be enhanced with some technological features for the live coverage of the matches. Referee-audio, SuperFeed broadcast platform, and augmented reality will be among the newest addition to the tournament. Don’t forget that VIP-IBC, the best betting platform, has the best limits and odds for basketball markets.

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