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15 Nov 2019

Connor McGregor returns to octagon on 18 January 2020

The notorious MMA fighter Connor McGregor has recently announced that he will be fighting again although he declared his retirement in March 2019. UFC fans are thrilled to see 31-year-old again in the octagon. McGregor has not fought since his humiliating defeat by the invincible Nurmagomedov in October 2018. As it always has been, the highest odds for this unforgettable event was provided on the best betting software.

In his press conference, he signaled that his arrogance has not faded away a bit while he acknowledged that he needs to train hard to claim what was his before. He stated: “I don't care who will be my opponent. I'm getting back in a good form. It's important for me to get back in a good form. It's very difficult to win year after year.”

He also declared his intention to get revenge from Khabib. As the UFC fans know, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson are to fight in 2020 and McGregor plans to come up against the winner of this fight.

The Notorious MMA Fighter

In his career full of success, the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion has always managed to be on the front burner. However, the incidents he got involved in seems to endanger his legacy. He is mostly known to have vandalized a bus carrying UFC fighters. In that incident, he was targeting his nemesis Nurmagomedov and he threw a railing at the bus.

In March 2019, he was arrested in Miami, Florida after smashing a fan’s phone. It was alleged that the fan wanted to take a picture with McGregor. Nevertheless, the former UFC champ responded by slapping the phone out of the fan’s hand. McGregor was arrested after the incident but charges were dropped later on.

Connor was always having trouble managing his anger. In publicity events of UFC 202, he threw bottles at Nate Diaz. He assaulted a referee at Bellator 187, an event in which McGregor was only an unexpected guest. He attempted to takedown Eddie Alvarez in a press conference before his fight at UFC 205. The list goes on with numerous incidents where he completely lost his control.

While it is hard to predict whether McGregor can avenge his defeat by Nurmagomedov or not, his return to the octagon has already electrified the MMA atmosphere. If you think you cannot wait until McGregor returns, we advise you to register for the best betting software and place your UFC bets with the highest odds.

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