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25 Jul 2020

Champions of the 2019-2020 Season in European Football

This has been a hell of a season we had in sports and maybe even more surprising events happened in football. Coronavirus made a forced entry to all of our lives and we watched major leagues being canceled/postponed until a better condition would surge on the surface. Just a month ago most of these leagues restarted and rush to finish what was left on the season. Some teams had continued exactly where they left off but also some of them made very surprising returns.

Now we will take a look at the teams who still had overcome the unwanted situation and became the champions of their league. These champions will also be joining the next Champions League. Before we move onto the next season there are still some matches left for the final phase of UCL in this season. Register for the best betting platform and double your joy by betting on Champions League matches!

Let’s start with a league that in an earlier stage the champions were crowned. In France, Ligue 1 was also interrupted because of the pandemic. After UEFA informing a due date for European Leagues to present their restart plans, the French government announced that sports events won’t be played until September. This meant the end of Ligue 1 this season and also meant that the current leader PSG becoming the champions.

Before Premier League had a break because of the pandemic, Liverpool was leading the league table. When the break came over, everybody thought that the rest of the league should be canceled and Liverpool should be the title owner. Even though this scenario didn’t happen exactly as everybody hoped for, Liverpool still fought hard to keep their place after the league resumed and got their Premier League title after 30 years of yearning.

Bundesliga was the first major league to resume after the forced break. Bayern Munich (current leader before the break) and Borussia Dortmund were fighting for the league title with only 4 points difference. This fight continued after the league resumed as well but Bavarian side had more passion and this made Bayern Munich keeping the title for 8 successive years.

As for Primeira Liga, just before the league was suspended because of coronavirus, Porto and Benfica were having a cutthroat fight in the title race. After 24 rounds with 10 more remaining, only a single point separated the top two of Porto and Benfica, with 60 and 59 points respectively. Similar to Bundesliga here there was also a side who had more benefit from the break. Porto fought hard and now tomorrow being the last matchday on the league, Porto is already crowned as the champions of this season.

Another cutthroat fight was continuing in Portugal’s neighbor, Spain. In the week that La Liga was canceled, Barcelona was only a point behind the leader Real Madrid. This fight kept going at the same pace even after the return but in the end, there was only one side with a happy result: Real Madrid.

In Turkey, we watched a season where the big-three having a difficult time proving their real worth. The title race was between the northern representative Trabzonspor and İstanbul’s newest giants Medipol Başakşehir. When the league canceled, they had the exact same point but Trabzonspor was the leader with a better goal difference. After the return, it was a tight race but just last week it was certain that the İstanbul side would take their first Super League trophy to their home.

Lastly, if we talk about Serie A, the league still continues while the champion is still uncertain. Juventus is currently at the lead with 5 points difference ahead of Atalanta. Juventus also has one match missing than Atalanta. With a big possibility we think that Ronaldo’s team will be the one who gets the title. Right now, all the excitement is at its peak and you can learn about the results by just following our exclusive news page and enjoy this excitement with your favorite team getting crowned with a championship.

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