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27 May 2019

A new Brazilian player joins the Dolphins

Another Brazilian player is ready to shine at NFL. After Cairo Santos, the first Brazilian born player in NFL history and placekicker for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, it is now time for another Brazilian to shine at NFL, Durval Queiroz, better known in Brazil as Duzão. He is a 26 years old, 6-feet-4, 325 pounds’ mountain of a man, who spent the past four seasons playing for two of the best teams in Brazil– Cuiabá Arsenal and Galo FA – and has also played for the Brazilian national team. Now, the defensive tackle has signed a three-year contract with the Miami Dolphins. He is the first Brazilian player to win a place at the NFL without having a college football career in the USA.

He entered into the NFL through the International Player Pathway Program, started in 2017; this program gives international athletes the opportunity to compete at the NFL level, improve their skills and even earn a spot on an NFL roster; still with the contract signed, this does not mean that Durval will be part of the Miami Dolphin’s rooster for the 2019/20 season. He still needs to survive the Dolphin’s training camp, but even if Queiroz does not make it to the Dolphins’ final roster after the training camp, he will still be eligible for an international player practice squad exemption, in which case, the Dolphins would be allowed to have 11 practice squad players instead of 10. However, in this case, he would be ineligible to be activated during the current season.

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