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1. Do you require KYC?

A standard KYC procedure is required prior to your first withdrawal. It should include a copy/photo of an ID document (ID card, Driver's license or National Passport)" and a document which states your address (a Utility Bill or a Bank Statement).

2. Can I open an account with you if I am a resident of the USA?

No, you cannot. We don’t accept clients form the USA, Australia or Moldova.

3. Can I use trading software in VIP-IBC?

Not any of those available in the market. The platform is a software by itself. If you have a custom design software of your own, you can use our API.

4. Which currencies do you have available for VIP-IBC accounts?

You can open a VIP-IBC account in: EUR, USD, GBP, MYR, SGD, CNY, HKD, THB, TWD, KRW, IDR, AUD, NOK and SEK.

5. Which cryptocurrencies do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

6. What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts?

For both deposits and withdrawals, the minimum amount is 100 Euros or the equivalent in another currency. In case we receive less than that, a commission of 5 Euros will be processed by the provider. We strongly recommend that you always deposit 100 Euros in order to avoid this fee. It is not possible to withdraw less than 100 Euros.

7. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw?

You can withdraw up to the amount of your “yesterday’s balance”.

8. What does “yesterday’s balance” mean?

“Yesterday’s balance” is the available to bet amount of money you had in your betting account the day before the one you requested the withdrawal. This refers only to the balance (winnings). For example:


Yesterday’s balance = 500 EUR
Today you win 1,000 EUR
The Total Balance is 1,500 EUR


The amount you can withdraw is 500 EURO (yesterday’s balance). This is done for protection against resettlements and as a result of certain Asian bookmakers performing only daily settlements with agents.

9. If I deposit from Skrill, can I withdraw via another payment method?

You can withdraw to any payment method that you have used to deposit from at least once before.

10. What is the highest amount I can bet on a certain event and market?

There is no specific maximum amount. When you select the odd for the event and the market you are interested in, the betslip will open. At the top you will see the event, underneath it the market and then 2 boxes. At the first one you place the stake you wish. Right underneath this box there is an indication reading: “max: € x,xxx.xx”. This is the maximum amount you can bet on each event and market.


This number is determined on a per case basis that takes into account several factors such as:


a) The league
b) The bookmaker
c) The number of punters entering into the same bet and market
d) The total amounts wagered into the same bet and market
e) The average odds
f) The status of the event (early, today, in-running)
g) The number, status and importance of other events running at the same time

11. Do you charge any commission for using VIP-IBC?

There is a commission on settled bets (won or lost). For bets that have been voided, refunded or drawn there is no charge.

12. Can I place combo bets in VIP-IBC?

No, you can’t.

13. Can I play on Betfair via VIP-IBC?

There are exchange odds available that you can use to place "back" bets.

14. High Stakes Betting. What gives?

VIP-IBC addresses those punters that want to bet big. We want you to bet big and win. This is why we have made it possible for you to place several hundreds of thousands of Euros or other currencies in your bets. However, if this is still not satisfactory you can contact us via live chat to receive all the pertinent information about Skype Betting which is the service we have for really high rollers.

15. I know I can bet at all of your bookmakers at once. But can I bet only to those I want to instead of all of them?

Yes you can. When the betslip opens you will see the list of bookmakers that offer either the market you have selected or an equivalent bet. There is a small box to the left of each bookmaker that is checked by default. You can uncheck the boxes for the bookmakers you do not want to place your bet at and leave only the ones you do.

16. Do I need to move funds between bookmakers?

No, you do not.

17. Is VIP-IBC recommended for arbers?

Yes, it is. In fact it is ideal for arbers as you have all the odds available through a single account.

18. What is an “equivalent bet”?

An “equivalent bet” is a bet that presents the same outcome as the one you want to place through a different type of bet either at the same or at higher odds. For example:


You wish to place a bet on:


For: Correct score = 0-0


An “equivalent bet” to the above would be: under 0.5 goals.


There can be more than one “equivalent” bets. For example:


Correct score = 1-1


Equivalent 1 = under 2.5 goals
Equivalent 2 = both teams to score
Equivalent 3 = HC -0.5

19. What is “future fulfillment”?

This is an automated feature of the platform. It allows you to select an event, insert the stake you wish, the desired odd and a time frame. The bot then searches the available odds for the selected event within that time frame. The preset odds are considered as “minimum” and when the event is located, the bot automatically places as much of the preset stake as possible, at the highest odds available as long as they are equal or higher than the preset number.

20. What do I do if I have forgotten or misplaced my username or password?

You send an email to support@vip-ibc.com mentioning the problem and requesting a reset of your login details. Please remember to include the email address used to open the account.

21. What do I do if I receive a notification that my account is inactive?

Accounts may receive an inactive status for 2 reasons:


Α) They have not been used for quite some time.

Β) They have no money in.


When you receive a notification that your account is inactive, you need to send a message to support@vip-ibc.com mentioning the message you receive from the software. You will be sent a response advising you of the reason and the action that needs to be taken.

22. What can I do if I get my account blocked?

If you cannot access your account, please send an email to support@vip-ibc.com, describing the problem and whether you receive any messages. Do not forget to include your username and the email address used to open the account. You will receive a response as to the reason for the blockage and the action to be taken.

23. I have made a deposit but I do not see the credit to my account. Why?

Deposits are handled 24/7 the soonest possible so you do not have to worry. Nevertheless, if you feel that the credit in your balance is taking too long, please send a message to support@vip-ibc.com with all the pertinent information (username, email address) and most importantly the transaction ID of the deposit you made. You will receive a response from the accounting department the soonest possible.

24. I have placed a withdrawal request a few days ago but I have not received my money yet. Why?

Withdrawals may take up to 24 hours. If this period has passed then there may be a number of reasons for the delay, the first and most common one being that the withdrawal form was not properly completed and therefore automatically deleted and not processed. Please send a message to support@vip-ibc.com with all the necessary information, your username and the email address you opened the account with. Our accounting department will respond the soonest possible as to the reasons and what should be done to resolve the issue.

25. Is there any way to speed up the financial transaction processes?

For an additional charge of 5% you can check the “Express Financial Transaction Process” box in our withdrawal and interbookmaker transfer forms, subscribe to convert all your transactions to express, or contact us via email, chat or Skype.

26. I have placed a bet and the event has ended but the bet has not been settled. What do I do?

First of all sometimes bookmakers may take up to 24 hours before they settle a bet so you need to wait for that long. If your bet is still not settled after 24 hours then you need to send an email to support@vip-ibc.com with screenshots of the bet, the bet-id and all other relevant information. You will receive a response via email for the reason of the delay and what is to be done.

27. Do you offer an API?

Yes, if you use your own betting or trading software.

28. Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. If you are interested please contact our support team via our live chat.

29. Do you have any kind of bonus or promotion for high rollers?

Yes, VIP-IBC pays back 50% of the paid commissions if your monthly (per calendar month) turnover reaches or exceeds 1,000,000 Euros (or the equivalent in other currencies).