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Deposits & withdrawals

High volume betting has never been easier

VIP-IBC offers the widest range of deposit and withdrawal options so that everyone can choose whichever fits their needs the best. Actually, we are the ONLY betting broker where cryptocurrencies are available as a payment option.


General terms and conditions:


Express Financial Transaction Processes:

For an additional fee of 5% you can subscribe for immediate financial transactions (deposits/withdrawals/interbookmaker transfers). Doing so will result in your requests placed on top of the processes and carried out first. You can do so by checking the "subscribe for express financial transaction processes" box that exists in the registration form.

Please note that subscribing for express financial transaction processes will result in all your transactions being considered as express by default.

Alternatively, if you wish to handle only a specific transaction as express, you need to check the "express financial transaction process" box in the withdrawal or interbookmaker transfer form or contact our customer support.