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Become an affiliate

High volume betting has never been easier

Make money in more ways than one!

We offer our VIP clients the opportunity to join our exclusive VIP AFFILIATE program. This program works when you bring us new clients. Especially clients that may not be very welcome to other betting establishments because of their betting style! If you do so, you can earn money out of their turnover without ever risking anything!

If you are interested, feel free to contact us via LiveChat, Skype (id:help.bet-ibc) or send us an email at support@vip-ibc.com for further information.

We accept everyone!

It is well known among the punters that many online gambling establishments do not like players who win all the time, high rollers that want to place high stakes, arbers and in general people that can make money out of their online gambling style. Our motto is that everyone is welcome here, so if you bring such players to us you can make a profit in return.

This profit is derived out of the turnover of the new customers that you will bring to us and a commission structure that will best suite your needs.

Furthermore, your players are registered under our group, therefore, you can use our bookmakers’ accounts.


  1. Reliable payments
  2. Betting simultaneously at multiple bookmakers is enabled
  3. Arbers are most welcome!

What is recommended for you to have:

  1. A website so that people can find and contact you
  2. Ways that you will use to attract new players
  3. An existing customer base with the potential to grow

VIP-IBC helps you win big in more ways than one! It all starts with filling in the registration form to open an account! Without one you will not be able to take advantage of the opportunities we offer!