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API access to the best odds on the market!

Our platform has been designed to be extremely user friendly. Everyone can get the hang of it without any special knowledge of computer science. Even so, it does require a few seconds to place bets by hand. And there are those out there who would like to do things automatically.

Under this concept and in consort with the introduction of a new and more efficient JSON API, we have decided to make the VIP-IBC API more accessible to those that have need of it.

API access upon request without requirements

If you use your own betting and trading software and you are looking for speed and automation, we can provide you with fast API access to the best odds on the market! This access will be granted upon request while there will not be any minimum turnover requirements.

It is a very useful tool and if you are interested, you can find the API documentation here.

Connection Fee & Acceptable policy

Connection fee:

There will be a one-time non-refundable fee of Euro 800.

This fee does not refer to VIP-IBC membership. It is only for those that will use API access.


Acceptable Use:

API usage is not intended to be used as a price feed. VIP-IBC will always monitor the usage closely and reserves the right to terminate the access to any account where indications exist that there is such an activity.

Additional fees

For the use of the API modules there will be a set of additional fees. This set will be reset every month and the charges will be the following:

               0 £ -    100,000 £ : 0.500%
   100,001 £ -    250,000 £ : 0.450%
   250,001 £ -    500,000 £ : 0.400%
   500,001 £ -    750,000 £ : 0.350%
   750,001 £ - 1,000,000 £ : 0.300%
1,000,001 £ - 1,500,000 £ : 0.250%
1,500,001 £ - 2,000,000 £ : 0.200%
2,000,001 £ - 4,000,000 £ : 0.150%
                    4,000,001 £ + : 0.125%
(or the equivalent in another currency)

VIP-IBC is not just easy to use on its own. It also provides you with all the tools you need to make the most out of the betting world.

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