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The highest betting limits you can find


The best odds on sport events


Unparalleled choice of bookmakers


Wide range of betting markets


Many available currencies including Euro, USD, GBP and others


Deposits and withdrawals via e-wallets, bank transfer & cryptocurrencies


User friendly interface


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What is this all about

An image tells 1,000 stories. Watch the video at the left as it will give you a first glance of what our platform does, better than any description. We designed a product that is easy to use, allows you to place your bets quickly and efficiently, works from the comfort of your own environment and allows you to make the most out of the betting world. We are proud of it! And we want to share it with you!

New kickback promotion for higher bettors

We pay back 50% of the paid commissions, if your monthly (counted per calendar month) turnover reaches or exceeds 1,000,000 Euros (or the equivalent in other currencies).

The Premise

The VIP-IBC platform is all about bringing you choices that you wished you had and never got until now! It employs a custom designed betting software whose main feature is to give you the four things you always wanted:

Multiple Bookmakers
The ability to place bets at multiple bookmakers simultaneously
Higher Stakes
The chance to bet at higher stakes
Best Odds
The certainty of always getting the best available odds
Great profit
The opportunity to make great profits!


The entire point of what we bring you is based on the premise that

We want you to bet and win big!

And we make good on our promises by giving you the chance to bet hundreds of thousands of Euros (or other currencies) on your preferred events. No "buts", "ifs", "maybes", "black lists" or lengthy procedures whatsoever!

The Basics

Let's begin with the sports you can bet on. As of May 2018, the list consists of:

  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • and others

Courtesy of the key ingredient of our platform, the selection of bookmakers, there is a direct ultrafast connection for constant updating of the odds and the maximum wagers allowed per case.

The next step comes through reaping the benefits stemming from your favorite markets and type of bets:

  • 1X2s
  • Over/Unders
  • Asian handicap
  • Moneylines
  • Correct score
  • Half time bets
  • Full time bets
  • Home team bets
  • Away team bets
  • Corners
  • Both teams to score
  • Set betting

enriched by markets special to each sport.

Main image

It's so Easy!

We did most of the work for you. We selected a list of bookmakers that will cover almost every need, we have designed a piece of software that brings you a fully customizable and relaxed betting experience and we took out all of your worries when it comes to online betting. However, it doesn't stop here!

You can choose the currency you want out of:

  • Euros
  • US Dollars
  • British Pounds
  • Singapore Dollars
  • Malaysian Ringgits

or any of the other currencies that we have available, upon request.

And you can use any option that suits you best when it comes to funding your account:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • EcoPayz
  • Bank transfers
  • Cryptocurrencies

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Reliable, with great liquidity, a wide range of markets and sports and the best odds available at any given moment

There should be no more hesitation from your side in opening a VIP-IBC account. Just complete the registration form online with all the necessary information. You will then be contacted via email by our VIP Customer Support team with further instructions.

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